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Individual Therapy in Beverly Hills

Matthew Verdun MFT has over 15 years of experience providing successful individual therapy throughout Beverly Hills. When it comes to individual difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and more, it is important to find a professional therapist that you trust—and that can provide the right treatment for you. That’s why Matthew Verdun provides a range of treatment types that can be customized for every individual.

Matthew wants to help his patients find effective coping strategies for the components of their disorder that make life the most difficult. He takes into account the many factors that contribute to feelings of discomfort or difficulty that one may feel in their life and seek therapy for. These factors may result from more obvious sources, such as childhood trauma or relationship issues. However, Matthew also listens carefully for any hidden causes behind what you’re feeling—that perhaps you may not have even realized yourself—and provides constructive strategies for resolution.

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Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and More

When you begin therapy for depression, anxiety, or other treatment areas with Matthew Verdun MFT, you will first be offered a free phone consultation to ensure that he is the right fit for your needs. In the first appointment, Matthew will work with you to discover what is going on and what it’s going to take to get better. There are always steps to achieving effective results in symptom reduction, and Matthew is happy to work through each of them with you. Call Matthew Verdun MFT to change your life, starting today.

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