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Couples Counseling in Beverly Hills

Matthew Verdun MFT provides top-rated couples counseling in Beverly Hills. These services are available to couples both married and unmarried, dealing with marital, premarital, and relationship issues. With over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, Matthew provides insight for couples struggling with conflict or communication. He also has experience with couples of all sexualities, including gay, lesbian, and bisexual, and can provide specialized counseling in these areas.

Matthew also provides counseling to couples where one partner is dealing with some form of mental illness to help them with strategies for effective communication. He believes that targeting the source of the issue with behavioral therapy, as well as emphasizing the importance of communication about individual difficulties, can lead to improved connection and relationship satisfaction. Matthew specializes in therapy solutions such as focused brief therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Why Choose Marriage Therapy with Matthew Verdun MFT

Matthew Verdun MFT provides effective marriage therapy for a variety of difficulties. He is the best choice for identifying attachment needs of you and your partner, as well as finding ways to improve communication and meet each other’s needs. Matthew also has extensive experience with conflict de-escalation and resolution, as well as prevention of future problems. When it comes to marriage therapy and couples counseling, Matthew Verdun MFT has the experience and history of success necessary to provide results for you and your partner. Get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation and to set up your first appointment today.

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