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Matthew Verdun

Matthew Verdun MFT

Psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience providing individual therapy and couples counseling.

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West Hollywood’s Top Psychotherapist for Marriage Counseling

You and your partner don’t have to face your struggles alone. Matthew Verdun MFT is a psychotherapist for marriage counseling serving West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. With more than 15 years of experience in mental health and case management, Matthew works exclusively with couples and individuals to provide treatments that work.

Whether one-on-one or within couples counseling, Matthew strives to understand each person’s unique life experience by learning about their culture, gender, social status, upbringing, and spiritual connections. Matthew understands that these unique experiences can be a source of strength and support for you and your partner throughout your time in therapy, which is why he works to use them to empower positivity and change. Matthew provides effective therapy focused on generating constructive change. Struggling with a conflict and need a therapist to provide de-escalation and resolution in-house? Matthew also provides house visit therapy for your convenience.

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Trauma Focused CBT and Other Specialties Near Beverly Hills

Matthew Verdun MFT is trained and certified to perform trauma focused CBT, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses post-traumatic stress disorder and other results of traumatic life events. He also provides emotionally focused therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and more. These specialties can be used for disorders and treatment areas such as abuse, addiction and recovery, anxiety, depression, stress management, and many others.

In addition to counseling and psychotherapy, Matthew supervises pre-licensed interns and associates who are in the process of obtaining their degree. He also provides training and educational courses to other therapists in the methods he’s trained in, as well as writing a monthly column offering help to others in the Pride LA Magazine.

Above all, Matthew is passionate about ensuring that the needs of every couple are heard, and that they can be used toward making constructive changes. Get in touch with Matthew Verdun MFT and set up a free 30-minute phone consultation today.

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